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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

They're Everywhere! And That is Important, How, Exactly?

The ever-worth-reading (and always easy on the eyes) Michelle Malkin has a post up about the state of the Blogosphere. The link to the study she refers to is interesting enough, but what really struck me was this little tidbit, perhaps to advise a bit of healthy skepticism about the alleged reach and influence of bloggers on the media, and the culture at large:
As I've noted before, however, many (most? almost all?) of these blogs are either not updated regularly or are updated by automated programs (as opposed to actual human beings).

One thing she does not mention (and neither does the study she links to) about these 14 million-plus-or-minus blogs is the probability that many (most? almost all?) of them are actually read only by the blogger who writes them, and maybe -- and I emphasize the word 'maybe' -- a couple of members of said blogger's immediate family who actually give a fat, furry gerbil's butt what the blogger has to say.

Maybe I'm being unnecessarily cynical here, or maybe I'm just plain, flat-out, freakin' jealous, but I just don't see the kind of profound, ground-shaking influence being attributed to blogs and bloggers by a lot of people who really ought to know better. Sure, you have your serious heavy-hitters, like Powerline, Instapundit, The Corner (my personal favorite), the afore-mentioned Michelle Malkin and about a dozen others, with their counterparts on the other side of the political divide. But let's face it: the overwhelming majority of the blogs out there are basically ego-trips for some self-aggrandizing dipstick (e.g., moi), and their cumulative influence makes the logarithmic inverse of Planck's Constant look like one of those numbers that you copy off the back of your DVD player onto the warranty-registration card. In other words, it is zilch; it is minus-zilch; it is zilch divided by i-to-the-nth-squared. It is, just like i itself, imaginary.

I'm beginning to see ominous parallels between the hype surrounding blogs and the Internet bubble of the late '90s; that is, as we here in Texas are fond of putting it, this thing, this "blog phenomenon", is "All hat, no cattle". I would sumbit that Ms. Malkin's observation -- that most blogs are not updated regularly -- has a deceptively simple explanation: it's because the bloggers who maintain them aren't taking them all that seriously.

So why the hell should the rest of us?


Blogger Willowsss said...

good post... thanks.

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11:32 PM  
Blogger bernie said...

1) I'm not a member of your immediate family

2) I took the logarithmic inverse of Planck's Constant and came up with 34.821256380089040570265126960514 but I am not sure what is the base for the influence of the main bloggers you mention. Or do you mean the cumulative number of hits they get in a month for the entire non-important portion of the blogosphere?

3. Please do not take my name in vein:

12:26 PM  
Blogger bernie said...

I forgot to mention i to the nth squared is a real number half the time.

12:30 PM  

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