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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

On The Local Front

A few items in the local paper (the Houston Chronicle)....

Looks like the Enron big-shots are going to have to face a Houston jury:
Despite their plea to be tried outside of Houston, a federal judge ruled today that the fate and future freedom of ex-Enron chieftains Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling will be put in the hands of a Houston-area jury.

The central issue here was that the two defendants expressed doubts that they could find an impartial jury in the Houston area; defense attorneys cited commissioned polls

... in which one-third of area residents surveyed associated [Skilling's] name with negatives like "pig," "snake," and "economic terrorist."
Was that a multiple-choice questionnaire, or did the respondents get to choose their own answers? And what other characterizations weren't on that list? Enquiring minds want to know.
That was about three times the percentage of people in Atlanta, Denver and Phoenix who came up with negative responses. Skilling suggested the judge move the case to those cities, and Causey also suggested New Orleans.

New Orleans? Hmmm. When's Mardi Gras, by the way?

Well, after this post, I seriously doubt that I'll be selected to sit on that jury.

Two questions arise from this item: 1) Why was this kid carrying a gun to school? and 2) Where were all those metal detectors that schools are installing these days, to prevent just this type of infiltration?

Well, at least in this case, the armed student chose the right target: himself. Sorry, libs, but I have a strict zero-tolerance attitude toward bringing firearms into schools: you don't. Period. There is only one conceivable reason why anyone would want to bring a gun to school, and that is to shoot someone. And that ain't allowed. (It is seriously detrimental to the other kid's self-esteem; any educational "expert" will tell you that.)

And if the kid ends up shooting himself, well, that's just a Darwinian self-correction: one down, several to go. (Although this idiot appears to have gotten off with a warning. Well, better luck next time.)

Every time I see something like this, I thank God for the State Legislature; were it not for that august body, people like state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (a Democrat, as if you hadn't already guessed) might have ended up in the corporate world where they could do some real damage. (See the first item, above, about Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling. If those guys were U.S. Senators, for example, none of that Enron crap would have happened; it would have been the Federal budget they goobered up, and who would ever have noticed that?)

I have to close the paper now. The cynic-o-meter is pegging, big-time. Where's the crossword?


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