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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bonnie Prince Heinrich

Since I lack, for the moment, anything more substantive to write about, I thought I'd weigh in on the Prince Harry "Wardrobe Malfunction" flap.

Honestly, people, do we really have nothing better to talk about? Apparently I don't, so here goes.

Anyone who hasn't heard about this already should seriously consider getting a more reliable DSL provider; I swear, the story's been all over the Web for days. Anyway, here's the gist: Britain's Prince Harry, younger son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, third in line for the throne but destined for a tasty title in his own right -- a Dukedom, at least, but I couldn't begin to tell you which one -- was photographed at a "fancy dress" party (that's a costume party to the non-British, i.e., a masquerade) wearing a Nazi uniform. The politically-correct worldwide shit eggrolls.

Meanwhile, at the St. James Theatre, on West 44th Street in New York, audiences are seeing the exact same costume in nightly performances of The Producers, and laughing so hard over it that they're practically puking their Chicken Supreme of Sardi into the aisles.

Okay, I can concede that His Highness' taste in clothes is, well, somewhat questionable. I mean, he lives right down the road from Bond Street, so scoring some decent duds shouldn't be all that much of a problem; he shouldn't have to resort to shopping at an army-surplus store. (Although at the very least, he could be a bit choicier as to whose army.) And let's face it, the Nazis were a thoroughly nasty bunch, and not exactly a sterling role model for a Head-of-State-in-Waiting. But still....

Hasn't anyone ever heard of irony? Satire, even? Hell, the British practically freakin' invented satire, for pity's sake! Isn't it just remotely possible that Harry was "'avin' a bit of a larf"?

You know, it always strikes me as a bit, shall we say, inconsistent that a heavily-photographed Royal should get his ass chewed out over going out in public in a ridiculous outfit, but something like this doesn't even raise an eyebrow.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to take these people seriously anymore.

On a slightly tangential note, however, I did notice a brief item about this (I believe it was on The Corner, but I wasn't taking notes at the time) to the effect that, if the costume was intended to distract from the fact that Harry was holding a cigarette in that photo, then it was spectacularly successful. A cigarette? Hey, with any luck, Alfred Dunhill, Ltd. might just get the Royal Warrant back. Always look for the silver lining, that's my motto.


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