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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bench Press?

From a recent editorial in the New York Times:
When the Senate battles fire up again over the merits of President Bush's nominees to the federal courts, the administration will have a surprising new partisan on its side, the National Association of Manufacturers, the powerful business lobby that heretofore has stayed out of such high-profile political fracases.
This should make things interesting. It's good to see that more people are starting to take judicial appointments seriously, which, to me at least, was one of the defining issues in the recent Presidential campaign. Heaven help us had Kerry won; we'd be faced with a Supreme Court that looked frighteningly similar to the Ninth Circuit -- with no higher court to overrule them. (The Ninth Circuit is the most frequently overruled court in the entire Federal system.)

Of course, the editorial makes clear where the Gray Lady stands in all of this -- firmly on the side of "do as I say now, not as I say on any other occasion." The last paragraph in the piece is positively breathtaking in its chutzpah:
In response, Big Labor and other liberal groups have begun talking of spending more on the judgeship fights. And that will further degrade a debate that should be about a nominee's merits, not the whose-side-are-you-on simplicities of feral politics. (Emphasis mine.)
And where was the NYT during the last four years, when Miguel Estrada, Pricilla Owen, Charles Pickering and William Pryor, to name but a few, were being sandbagged by Tom Daschle and the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee? Shoveling the sand, that's where.


Blogger Andrew Purvis said...

You are correct, sort of. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has more decisions overturned every year than any other. However, the heavily conservative 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has the highest ratio of overturned cases to rulings. The 9th is marginally below the average rate for the whole system when it comes to overturned rulings.

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